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How to invest in gold

There are several options for investing in gold online. Buying gold-mining stocks or EFTs is one of them. Or you can invest in gold futures and options as an alternate way.

Finally, there is the CFD alternative for gold traders. The great thing about trading gold CFDs is that you can profit from both rising and falling gold price.

What is more, you can trade gold CFDs with leverage. That means, your initial investment is up to 100 times more powerful when trading gold.

Advantages of Investing in Gold

Tangible asset:

Gold cannot be defaulted or printed. The supply is limited. That is why gold will always be valuable.

Safe Haven:

When other markets are volatile or in decline during recessions or instability, investors turn to gold.


You can invest in gold in physical or contract forms. Trading gold CFDs with margin is a popular way.

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Should you invest in gold?

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Before you decide to invest in gold, consider the purpose of your investment. If you want a safe but low-return option, buying physical gold can be good for you.

If you want to take maximum profit out of market movements, trading gold CFDs is the best choice for you.

By trading gold, you can also receive a regular passive income. The key decision is to figure out how much of your portfolio to allocate to gold. Most advisors suggest between 5-10%. You can consult our team to find the best solution for you.

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FAQ about Investing in Gold

There are numerous ways to invest in gold online: purchasing physical gold, buying gold-mining stocks and EFTs, gold futures and CFDs.

Most investors prefer CFD trading because they can use leverage and their investment becomes 100 times stronger in the market.

Trading assets with margin allows you to control larger positions in the market. Both the risk and the reward is amplified during margin trading.

It's a highly risky investment method but brings returns in several folds.

Consult our team as to how you can start trading gold with leverage.

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We will help you get started with trading tools and platforms.

The best place to start investing in gold is by a licensed and regulated broker. We will help you choose the best broker for you.

All investments are risky. CFD trading or margin trading is also a risky investment.

You should do your research and understand all risks before investing your capital into trading.

If you prefer the minimum risk, you should consider buying physical gold.

No. Trading gold is all about opening positions in the CFD markets. There are no hidden fees or costs involved.

Trading gold CFDs is one of the easiest methods of gold investment.

There are no minimum or maximum limits. The suggested amount for beginners is €200 and upwards.

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